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02. January 2024

  • Gyms are required to pay a subscription fee to publish contests on blocsport.

    Over the past few years, blocsport has been providing its contest hosting service completely free of charge. This decision was initially because we could leverage the existing infrastructure developed for the Ostblock-Cup event series and we didn't want to spend our time with the overhead of payment handling. In general, we were happy that the broader bouldering community could benefit from this resource, thanks to the generous financial contributions from the Ostbloc gym.

    However, the landscape has evolved considerably since then, with the emergence of new contest hosting services. To ensure that blocsport continues to improve and meet the rising expectations of our users, we find it necessary to introduce a subscription model. This step enables us to spend time on developing new features, maintaining a reliable service and addressing any issues promptly.

    From now on, contests that are public on blocsport will require the organizing gym to have an active subscription. The site will remain free of charge for general users and for non-public contests.

    Read more about the subscription model here.

15. November 2023

  • Only participants with at least one ascent are shown in a contest's ranking. This prevents participants with 0 points being shown above participants with more points from other categories and generally avoids confusion.

14. November 2023

  • The ranking now initially shows either the contest's first categegory or the logged in participant's category.

13. November 2023

  • Support for authentication with Google accounts is removed. Since magic login links have been introduced, there's no added benefit by using third party authentication. On the contrary; it requires a maintaining working API keys.

10. November 2023

  • The fullscreen final display uses fluid typography so that more finalist fit on the screen.

25. November 2023

12. October 2023

  • The ticklist now indicates the current user's category and allows to change it easily.

30. June 2023

  • The primary domain changed from to Emails are now sent from support@ rather than hallo@. You can still reach us via the old email though.

08. June 2023

  • A contact form allows anonymous and authenticated users to contact the contest organizers. The contact form replaces the email address that was formerly shown publicly on the contest page.

01. June 2023

  • Entry fees are now defined per category instead of for the entire contest. The signup form is now divided into several steps (category, contact details, payment). For more info, see Participation Fees

11. May 2023

  • The input for the city field in a participation is validated against all cities with a population > 1000, taken from

09. May 2023


  • A new category system is introduced!

    Options for age groups, gender classification, and the Power/Relaxed distinction are replaced with categories that can be used in any number and with any title. Categories bring a variety of improvements:

    • Competitions can now freely decide how to name their gender categories.

    • Dynamic boulder devaluation can now be done separately for each category.

    • The final is no longer limited to "Men" and "Women".

    • In the near future, it will be possible to charge different entry fees - depending on the category.

  • Series results are now calculated automatically. There's no need to manually transfer event results to the series anymore.

  • Relaxed categories are now also included in the series results.


  • Sorting boulders by ascent counts in the boulder list works again.
  • The series description no longer overlaps the result table on Chrome-based browsers.

09. February 2023

  • Per request, a new settings is introduced to the competition setup: a mandatory note field can be added to the competition registration, allowing participants to specify details such as T-shirt size. More information.

05. February 2023

28. November 2022

  • A dark color scheme has been added. You can now switch between a light and dark color scheme via the icon in the header bar:

27. November 2022

  • Self-check-in is now available. Next to the option that staff members confirm participants, participants can now also confirm themselves without staff having to look them up. See Confirming Participants for more information.

19. November 2022

  • A dark color scheme was added. The website now adapts to your system's color scheme and presents itself in dark colors if your system / browser interface is set to dark (This feature uses the prefers-color-scheme CSS media feature).

18. November 2022

  • Embedding an event ranking (including the live-updating finals) into other websites is now possible. Just copy a short HTML code which is available on your event's admin page into the website where the ranking should appear. The code looks like this:

      style="width: 100%; height: 100%; border: none;"


    Embedding other pages is restricted due to security reasons. Only the event ranking page allows being embedded.

17. November 2022

  • Registration is now done via "magic links" that are sent via email. This is much quicker than the previous method and automatically verifies the user's email address. This method can now also be used for logging in, just as the regular email/password method.

12. November 2022

  • PayPal payments are now visible in the admin and can be viewed and refunded.
  • Renamed Cup to Series to have a better distinction between a single event and a series of events. A competition is often also referred to as "cup" whereas we meant a series of competitions.

02. November 2022

  • Finalists can be edited on multiple devices simultaneously (#225).

01. November 2022

  • Finalists form allows re-ordering of finalists (#233).

29. October 2022

  • Fixed: PayPal payment processing only works when personal information is successfully validated.

19. October 2022

  • Boulders are now directly assigned to a difficulty category (none/power/relaxed). They no longer require connection to a grade for that difficulty information. Specifying a grade for a boulder is no longer required. (#196)

  • Boulders now have a hold color in addition to the color of the grade label.

06. October 2022

  • Users can now delete their own accounts. Their participations in existing events will be anonymized (#220).